Meat enchantment – What mysteries does Bestia’s menu hold?

Life’s better with steak–this could even be our slogan because we’re placing a growing emphasis on special cuts of meat, and we’re thrilled about this.

A perfectly prepared, juicy meat dish is an experience for the senses. Whether it’s moist chicken, the perfect beef, or succulent lamb, you’ll find it at Bestia. We love meat. Of course, there’s something delicious for the vegetarians, too!

Let’s start with the steak. If you’re ready to try a new flavor, we recommend the Argentine beef tenderloin, the USDA Prime-certified New York sirloin, or the Australian rib-eye Black Angus beef.

If you’re brave enough, you might dare taking on the 1.5 kilogram Irish Tomahawk steak, or the Hungarian Angus T-bone.

Fresh cuts are delivered every second day, so none of our meats are frozen. This means, the meat arrives on your plate as fresh and as tasty as can be.

Many of our dishes are smoked in-house. Imagine the half-kilo ribs in the smoker for 12 hours; being marinated in apple juice every 2 hours. Mouthwatering. You have to try this dish to believe it.

The menu covers the basics too. You can’t go wrong with the classing Hungarian goulash soup, sausages, goose liver, or chicken breast schnitzel. 

If you’re a fan of burgers, you must try the Bestia Angus burger. Or, our vegetarian Beyond Burger, which is made with chickpeas and soy and has the taste and texture of real meat.

All in all, we’d say we are a Californian-style kitchen with a hint of Hungarian. We pride ourselves on quality ingredients and on having staff who really know their stuff. So whether you’re popping in for a steak or salad, we’re sure you’ll enjoy your meal.