Craft beer heaven and a natural wine revelation

Uncover the mysteries of our beer tap and our fridges!

In the spring of 2015, craft beers were a new thing in Budapest. Nowadays, craft beers are, thankfully, still as popular as ever, and Bestia remains a great place to sit in for a cold beer over a meal or a chat. Although Bestia has evolved over the years, our love of fine craft beers remains.

Because of the higher amounts of hops in craft beer and the special type of yeast used in them, craft beer kegs need to be refrigerated during storage. We keep them downstairs at the perfect 2 degrees.

We like to stock two variations of the most popular styles of craft beer. Our selection ensures that different styles are on the drinks menu whether you’re looking for something different or would prefer to stick to the classics.

At the moment we have eight styles including pilsner, lager, IPA, wheat beer, pale ale, and the classic Asahi for those coming in asking for “a beer, please!” 

For the ladies, we recommend the Belgium cherry beer; in summer an ice-cold glass of something more sour will quench any thirst. 

In addition to the beers on tap, we have approximately 30 bottled varieties. Among them the Estonian sour raspberry wheat beer and a classic London IPA.

In addition to craft beers, we also have more and more natural wines on our wine list. Just like so many industries, many wine makers are also tending toward the natural. We’re super happy to be able to present some great natural wines.

The secret of biodynamic winemaking is that the production process adapts to nature. For example, harvesting might take place according to the phase of the moon, or—as fertilizer—cow manure might be placed into a cow horn before being dug into the ground. This type of farming encourages wine makers to be at one with nature and the vines rather than using chemicals.

For us, natural wine is a product in which nothing has been added or taken away. There are no special yeasts, chemicals, or preservatives added. No clarification and almost no sulfites added (if any). The aim is to have all-natural ingredients, where possible, and the least amount of intervention as possible.

At first glance, natural wines may seem cloudier and thicker, and have a different taste to their “traditional” counterparts. It takes time to get used to the flavor of natural wines and to grow to love them. 

At Bestia, we strive to help you get to know these new flavors, and our waiters and the in-house sommelier can help you find the perfect glass of natural wine for you.