About us

Short Story of Bestia

Bestia, the Hungarian beast, has come to life in 2015 with an immense selection of crafted beers, quality steaks and live music programs. In the heart of Budapest, right next to the gorgeous Basilica, we created an epic scene for pub lovers.

The 12 local draught crafted beers and our perfectionism in steaks, meats and sausages will rock your socks off. If you have doubts, check the rotisseire and josper in our kitchen, and especially taste our food… with a beer on the side, sure.

Rozina Wossala

She is a hedonist, who knows no bounds, especially in food. She has just one weakness, the perfect STEAK.

Zoltán Pryma

He is beside me from the beginning. He really knows, how to handle every tasks. He's always on the phone.

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